Core Features

Digital Signage Menus

Improve your customer experience through dynamic digital food menu boards.


Advanced Flexible OLED Displays

They are not just thin and efficient, they can also be made flexible (even rollable) and transparent.

Digital Internet of Things (IoT)

Integrate Digital Signage with physical things. Take advantage of a powerful event system and talk to Vera, Arduino, Ninja Blocks and other smart devices.

Digital Media Data Center

DSD safeguards all of it’s digital assets in highly secured and advanced data centers across North America and Europe. 

Digital Media TV

Live TV integration into any screen division. The Digital Media TV will allow you to broadcast media directly into your digital signage presentation zones.

Digital Media Production

Our highly skilled editors and designers are Adobe Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Document Cloud certified.

Digital Marketing

Effective communication requires responsiveness, and to achieve this, one must first offer options for communication like mobile texting, email, or social media.

Colocation for Digital Media Infrastructure

If you require to have your digital servers, sans and storage devices hosted, we have secured and modern collocation facilities that can facilitate all of your hosting needs.

On Site Installation

We will send upon request, a digital signage audit expert to carefully assess your digital signage needs and the infrastructure required to install/integrate a digital signage system that will best suit your needs.

Your Flexible Digital Display Experience Just Got 10X Better!

Designed and Built for Your Industry

You don’t have all day to manage your digital display fleet, we get it.
Our array of display products 
and services are built and configured specifically to meet the needs of your business. 


Promote your brand, advertise specials, motivate customers to buy.

Fine Dining

Present your menus in style. Promote special dishes of the day or evening.


Broadcast Live TV News and Entertainment, Weather, News Feeds, Stock Tickers and more.


Educate patients on health issues and treatments. Entertain patient guests while they wait.


Weather, Guest Information, Hotel Events, Way finding, Guest registration and More.


Digital Menu Boards, Lounge TVs, Vehicle On Demand, Repair Specials


Executive messages, Social Media Extranets, Digital Media Broadcasting, Company Growth / Milestone Announcements.


Interactive, High Definition, Reliable, 2500 nit brightness for clear viewing.


Weather, Shock and Vandalism Proof Displays. Ultra High Definition Screens.

Our Customer’s experienced:

Digital Content Media Clips

Digital Signage Templates

Special Effects

Digital Signage Displays

Additional Features


Customize your screen to match your brand. Personalize with your own logo and images.

Media TV

Capture analog or digital input directly into your digital signage presentation and assign it to a specific screen division of your choice.

Easy Setup

Connect the media player to the TV/LCD and Wifi. Literally plug and play. We’ll prep and test it for you.

Remote Touch

Remotely access your digital signs from anywhere and from any device. Start, stop or change your display anytime you want, wherever you want.

Location Based Service

Set points and a radius on a map and let any moving object (most likely a vehicle such as bus, taxi or train) display Digital Signage content when the object enters the radius you specified

Data Feeds

Stay informed 24 x 7 with real-time news, tweets, weather and social media feeds. Keep your customers informed and up to date on current affairs or social events.

Internet of Things

Have a customer pick up a product, and as soon as he/she does, the presentation begins playing a campaign that is specifically related to the product(s).

Customer Line Management

Give your customers the option to wait in line wherever and however they wish. They can now be remotely notified via their mobile device.

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Our unique selling point:

ALTTRIX Systems, the parent company of Digital Signage Display, has 5 key divisions that market and sells products, services and solutions. One of it’s divisions encompasses advanced services and solutions for industries that require unique technologies and features with digital signage. Whether it’s the advent of 4K ultra-HD screens, touch and multi touch screens, new curved screens, the introduction of transparent screens or glasses-free 3D screens.The digital signage display division keeps abreast on new display technologies, good or bad.

What is our unique selling point? We consult and recommend the best and affordable digital signage display solution that will help increase the exposure of your brand and the key selling message that your company wants to convey.

Our successful key formula:  (You) + Digital Signage Display = The display experts you can rely on!

Our value proposition:


Decrease Advertising Costs

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Increase Brand Awareness

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Increase Revenue Streams

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