“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

– Alan Kay

“Technology is best when it brings people together”

– Matt Mulenwag

“Technology is best when it brings people together”

– Matt Mulenwag

“Technology is best when it brings people together”

– Matt Mulenwag


Our Valued Customers

Excellence in Technology That Strengthens Human Connection


Clean, powerful messaging with an aesthetic twist that makes people stop, look, and notice.

Take your advertising to a new level with high-resolution presentation.  You can design your own advertisements, or our professional artists can design them for you.  It’s up to you; be assured our flexible screens are the best way to visually communicate any message.  Enhance branding, create movement with bright, life-like resolution.  Promote interaction with social media and real-time specials. Run commercials with extreme quality visual and audio effects.

Customer Line Management

Customers know exactly where they stand

The most important role of technology in customer service is that it helps increase the speed of customer interactions. With our customizable Customer Line application, your customers can remotely join a line and receive notifications on their mobile device, view their status, orders, positioning… in real-time. Easy to use, employee friendly, and allows the for collecting of statistics such as customer service and wait times.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Connect your screens to people thru real-world applications

The internet has changed our lives, the “internet of things” is changing it all over again. IOT is made up of devices that “talk” to each other – from simple sensors to smartphones, wearables, and now digital displays all connecting and co-operating together. Your digital display can be as smart as you’d like it to be: Motion sensors to change presentation when a customer approaches; automated emergency notifications to employees and customers; social media timelines for right-now replies; voice assistant signage with Siri, Alexa, and Echo.

Location Based

Know where they are, what to say and when to say it

Location based marketing has evolved to become one of the fastest growing and most effective methods of advertising. Location-based service (LBS) enables a company to reach and engage its audience with platforms that capture geographic locations. Set GPS coordinates on a map and let your moving digital display -buses, trains, mobile billboards, taxis,… advertise to people in specific places with uber-specific messages. Target your customer when and where it matters most.

Media TV

Don’t forget the television. Share it.

Media TV = Television integration on any screen. Assign live video feed to any zone on your signage presentation. Share channels to display news, music videos, weather, reality television, whatever you choose to add entertainment to your signage and engage the audience. Super easy to connect and even easier to use.

Remote Touch

Its Synergy, Baby!

Scan the sign and wham, the sign and the customer become one! Remote Touch is a smart service that connects the digital sign to a mobile device giving your customer control and freedom to interact with your screen in a natural way. This empowers the customer to make selections and navigate content that interests them. Users simply tap on the menu displayed on their mobile phone and the corresponding content will present on the digital signage screen. Keep the customer in the store, garner their attention to disseminate information, and factually persuade why the product they are searching is right for them. Sold! It’s so easy.


Connection is the culture.

Want to grow your social media culture? Reach users with our vibrant, interactive screens using social technology to redirect the audience to your social profiles -Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Making your digital screen the life-line of connection allows for real-time social interaction and valuable user-generated posts and feeds. Create hashtag campaigns, gamification strategies, event walls, share social photos, videos and reviews, which work to build trustworthiness, authenticity, user engagement and offline conversions. Your digital screen will become the life-line of connection providing for real-time social interaction and valuable user-generated posts and feeds. The use of social technology in signage is a must for large corporations, small businesses and everything in between to magnify brand exposure, amplify campaign results, and to construct a social proof and online community.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter not harder.

Let your digital sign work smarter for you by personalizing messages and responding to situations in real time making customers feel unique and important. Your sign’s sensors may detect a customer entering the store and offer a greeting or for example, if it’s a very sunny day, the sign will know this from weather data and promote the sale of sunglasses. Even more specific, the sign may visually detect a male customer and promote the sale of men’s sunglasses. Your sign will collect data on customers and behaviors and, in turn, use it to disseminate relevant, persuasive content to reach buyers. Powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning, the future possibilities of your new digital sign are endless.

Digital Menu Boards

Eat more. Earn more

Proven to increase orders at the point of sale, your digital sign is the money maker! It will cause customers to eat more so you earn more. Start showing off high definition appetizing images, vibrant menus and pricing, daily specials and profitable add-ons while minimizing costs. Combine self-order, digital display kiosks with digital customer order/line management technologies to lessen overhead and modernize the total customer experience. Quick uploads and changes will keep your messages fresh and your menus current. With the restaurant business and bottom line being highly competitive, you just can’t afford to go without digital displays. Cost of set up is negligible and DSD provides affordable players, software, and impeccable service to get you started quickly.